About Lisa

As the office manager for BrightWave Marketing, Lisa McFarland manages accounts payable and receivable as well as employee benefits and compensation. Essentially, she keeps everyone sane here at BrightWave. When she’s not in the office, she’s managing her husband and her 3 children. She’s passionate about photography and SEC football.

Small Companies Get A Big Boost with Google’s New App

Kudos to Google for rolling out the new Google Maps Coordinate. This application could give small businesses off-the-shelf technology to compete with larger, more sophisticated competitors. The app works in conjunction with Google Maps to locate representatives in the field in real time. Dispatchers or home office personnel can track an employee’s location and be able to provide the customer with an exact time that their representative will arrive at the location. This technology was implemented long ago in logistic behemoths such as UPS, CSX and the like but for the first time a small to medium-sized business can access the technology without having to reinvent the wheel – pardon the pun. Continue Reading


Be Careful What You Wish For…

Recently, I heard about an employer in Maryland who asked for an applicant’s Facebook password during an interview.  The employer, in this case, The Maryland Department of Public Safety and Correctional Services, indicated that they wanted access to a candidate’s social media account for use in background checks.  It has been reported that interviewers were looking specifically for gang related affiliations or activities and searched through photographs, wall postings and other personal messages to and from other members on Facebook. Continue Reading