Altruism and eCommerce

4737867504973e546f5319541a4be1dbI’m an email marketing strategist at BrightWave Marketing. But I also have another life as a therapist. That’s right, a ‘talk-about-your-problems’ therapist. I’m used to hearing jokes around the office like ‘what does this dream mean, Sweitzer?’ and the like. Rarely do my two worlds meet.

But recently I received an email from Amazon that brought the two worlds together and it’s worth highlighting. The subject line was this: ‘Your review helped another customer shop for ‘ MUHSMF2M 2m 4 Position…’. Continue Reading


Google’s Latest Email Marketing Game Changer

Attention email marketers: if you haven’t heard the latest, Gmail will soon be showing images in your messages by default. That means no more prompts asking you to show images in your emails!

Just yesterday, Gmail for desktop started to automatically show images in user’s messages. According to the Gmail blog, the change is already being seen by webmail users and will be rolling out to Android and iOS app users in ‘early 2014.’ This is especially significant as Gmail has over 425 million users. Continue Reading


New Tools Spotlight: Return Path Inbox Insight

One aspect of my role at BrightWave Marketing is to evaluate and recommend complementary solutions for our clients’ email programs. My team also shares responsibility for performing analysis of our clients’ email programs and campaigns. This will be the first-ever ‘New Tools’ spotlight where I’ll be sharing about new tools that we believe could enhance email programs. So, if you know of any new technology that you think is worth sharing about, tweet to me at @emailrocks, and I’ll gladly consider providing my $.02 directly or via our blog. Continue Reading


How Email Fits into Marketing Automation & Vice Versa

How Email Fits into Marketing Automation & Vice Versa  – My Chat with Marketo’s Jon Miller

Jon is VP Marketing and co-founder at Marketo, where he leads Marketo’s thought leadership and content marketing programs. He recently co-wrote a free 150+ book along with DJ Waldow called The Definitive Guide to Engaging Email Marketing. You can follow Jon using @jonmiller.

1.       Jenkins – How do you view email marketing as a marketing channel and how do you email marketing within the marketing automation lens? Continue Reading


The New Gmail – Part Two – Gmail Tabs

Keep Calm and Try Gmail TabsIn Part One, I covered off on the more immediate impact of the updates that Google made to their email products because the changes they made to the Android app had greater potential for impact to consumers AND marketers.  Auto-fit by default on Android is a big deal.

While the early reviews I found (here’s one, and another) seem to be primarily split along the philosophical lines of folders vs. no folders, I am actually finding the auto-sorting function a huge visual relief. Continue Reading


Automation Nation

As we dig deeper into 2013, I predict even more companies will get on the marketing automation bandwagon and the marketing industry as we know it will become an ‘Automation Nation‘.

Automation Nation

By definition (and according to Wikipedia), marketing automation is the name given to software platforms designed for marketing departments and organizations to automate repetitive tasks. Marketing departments, consultants and part-time marketing employees benefit by specifying criteria and outcomes for tasks and processes. These tasks and processes are then interpreted, stored and executed by software, which increases efficiency and reduces human error. Continue Reading


BrightWave’s First Quartermaster Award Winner

I have wanted to do a BrightWave Employee of the Year award for quite some time. Like a lot of internal projects, client work and other priorities got in the way. We made it a reality this year and didn’t want it to be some lame award without much meaning or anything truly special. We wanted it to be reflective of the culture and company we have built which we think is unique

We happen to have a little nautical theme going at BrightWave. Continue Reading